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Pooja Gupta


Who would have thought that an event manager would produce music videos that would go on to become chartbusters? Whether it is launching a new artist, producing or directing a music video, making a TV commercial or managing events, this man has done it all!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is presenting Sahil Kapoor! A resident of Delhi, Sahil owns Centigrade Media, his production house for 10 years now and has given us some awesome tracks like – Tohfa, Raanjha, Jiya Jaaye Na and so many more! In fact, his production house has just released the song BORDER that is being loved by all!

If you have not seen this brilliant song yet, check it out now!




Q- Welcome to this session Sahil. It is great to have you here.

A-Thank you very much!


Q-Lets first talk about Border, your latest release that is already trending everywhere!

A-Border was shot in California much before the lockdown last year. It is the story of an Indian gangster overseas. We have tried to create an interesting story, something like a movie, picking people from various ethnicities. We have a Romanian, an Indian, a British , an American, a Greek and a Philippino in our song! I actually, don’t want to reveal too much. You guys should watch my song and tell me about itJ

Border has been co-directed by Dr. Ranu Sinha, Indeep and me. It was co-produced by Ranu's company Glam R and Centigrade Media. Ranu and Indeep both have been a great support in this venture. We have collaborated so many times earlier and they are an absolute delight to work with!

Ranu is not only a producer and director, she is also a writer, composer and an actress! When you work with someone who knows so much, they add so much value to the project! I feel privileged to have her on board!


Q-I saw the song and understood why people across the globe are loving it! Congratulations!

A-Thank you!


Q-Tell me about your professional journey from scratch.

A-I took marketing as a major in my graduation and post graduation. As I was studying, I was very fascinated towards event management. While in college I was the heading the organizing committee and I involved myself in various festivals within the college. After college, I started working as a freelancer for various brands like Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft and many more.

I formed Centigrade Media in 2013 and we got into event management. We produce corporate videos, music videos, feature films, TV commercials, corporate films, corporate shoots, documentaries, commercial shoots and still photography. Our expertise is off shore filming. We create concepts that are out of the box and most of our locations are outside India, mainly UAE, USA and Australia. We are a company with international work standards and we are closely associated to Bollywood!


Q- How is shooting overseas different from shooting in India?

A-It is always convenient to work in India as we know the locations, we work with a full fledged crew and we are more accessible to the locals.

The canvas, the frames that we get overseas are gorgeous! However, when we shoot overseas, we work with a limited crew, we are not familiar with the locations and we need to hire a local coordinator who educates us on various parameters.

Being a part of this fraternity, I have seen so many videos being shot in India. We always strive to add freshness in our videos in terms of concept or the location and that is our reason to explore overseas destinations.


Q-How has your work been impacted because of covid?

A-Covid actually has created a boom in the content market! People are mostly at home and they need content to watch! So many OTTs has sprung up because of this! Applying this to us, the numbers of viewers of our videos has increased. We have actually produced and released 4 massive songs in covid times! Haryana Roadways featuring Badshah and Fazilpuria, Lala Lori featuring Fazilpuria and Afsana Khan, Balam Ka System featuring Fazilpuriya and Afsana Khan again and the latest song Border featuring Indeep Bakshi!


Q- You have been into events for so long now. What is the biggest myth about event management?

A-Event management is a science and an art. It requires a lot of effort. Even for a small event, various arrangements are done at the backend which people are not aware off. If I talk about say, managing a wedding function, people think that it is just about booking a caterer and a venue! Trust me, it’s not that simple. Even in catering there are so many arrangements that need to be taken care off! These intricacies can be understood only by event managers!


Q-You deal with so many artists, so many celebs, have you ever been star struck?

A-In the very initial stage when I had just joined this industry. I was a huge fan of Imran Hashmi. At an event, I met him, managed to sit with him and talk to him. I still remember gazing at him and turning speechless, I just couldn’t say a word! I somehow managed to ask him for an autograph! In fact, he is the first and last celebrity I ever asked for an autograph! He gladly gave it to meJ


Q- I am sure you would be signing autographs soon with all the amazing music you are creating! All the best for Border!

A-Thank you!



Sahil Kapoor, the owner of Centigrade Media is an Event Manager from Delhi. His production house creates corporate videos, music videos, feature films, TV commercials, corporate films, corporate shoots, documentaries, commercial shoots and still photography. His latest song Border has just released and is topping the charts.


This article has been written by Pooja Gupta. Currently a freelance writer and an anchor, she is also a former Radio Jockey. She hosts all kinds of shows and writes everything from ads, promos, articles, dialogues, short films, screenplays, feature films and even web series. For work, she can be contacted on pooja.gupta2178@yahoo.com.


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