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Pooja Gupta


When people talk of weddings and events in Kolkata, the first name that shines is ANAND EVENTS. Been there for 40 years now, Anand Events indeed is the king of all event planners in Kolkata.

Meet Mr Pradip Dhedia, Founder and CEO, Anand Events.


Qs – As far as events are concerned, you have been around for 40 long years in Kolkata. Tell me about your journey.

Ans- My sister got married in mid 1970s when I was merely 11 years old. I still remember how involved I was with the arrangements. Post this, whenever there were marriages in my family, I was specially requested to look into the arrangements. In retrospect, I realized that these arrangements actually got me interested in wedding planning!

In the later years, whenever Kolkata was visited by any Dharma Gurus, I started looking into the arrangements of their discourse events with crowds numbering up to 20 thousand! Fortunately, I got great feedback. This motivated me to pursue event planning professionally.

It is amazing how event planning has grown in the past few years. In 2001, no one in Kolkata knew anything about this field. People would ask me what wedding planning was all about.

By the grace of God, today everyone in Kolkata knows us and our name sells. Both my sons are involved with me in my business; one of them looks into the operations while the other is involved with hospitality and back office.


Qs – That is fantastic. Today, event management is a very popular field and many people are into it. What is your take on this?

Ans- You are absolutely right Pooja. Today, there are thousands of event planners in Kolkata alone. Various professionals, intermediaries, college going students have entered the field because of the charm and creativity. It is an easy entry industry as it doesn’t require any investment as a startup or even an office! All one needs is a laptop with a variety of arranged pictures.

Having all these event managers in Kolkata has created a massive competition. However, the people who really know what all is required to be done in event management would not be more than a handful. These people have the requisite technical expertise and experience.

Event management is very interesting and very vast, but people need to know that every single intricacy needs to be looked into minutely. A lot of people don’t bother to make so much effort; rather they just get into event management for the sake of it!

Besides, some event managers have converted their companies in to production houses. So, when they start producing goods on their own, they get diverted to the production line and get swayed from the main area! Inadequate quality sooner or later reflects in the work done by them.

These things spoil the name of the entire industry.


Qs – What is your message to aspiring event managers?

Ans- Before I answer that, I would like to get the aspiring event managers acquainted with a few basics.

This field can be broadly classified into 4 parts – hospitality and logistics, decoration and designing, food & beverages and entertainment. Every wedding requires dealing with dozens of vendors of different expertise.

Those interested should study the different verticals and then go ahead with taking up assignments. Event Management is an amazing and a rewarding field, but if you really want to pursue it, you have to know that it is not all glamour, but also a lot of hard work! If you think you can deliver that much, go for it.



This article has been written by Pooja Gupta. She is a freelance writer, anchor and a former Radio Jockey. She hosts shows all across India and writes everything from ads, promos, articles, dialogues, short films, screenplays, feature films and even web series. For work, she can be contacted on pooja.gupta2178@yahoo.com.


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