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Pooja Gupta

IRONMAN, when you hear this word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The character of Tony Stark from Marvel Comics, who wears an iron suit and fights the bad guys? Do you know that there is a real ironman between us? Yes, there is a real person who has won this title and he is an inspiration to all sports fanatics. Not many people know that to acquire the title of the Ironman, one needs to win a triathlon. This includes swimming for about 4 kms in a river, lake or an ocean, then cycling for over 180 kms and then running a marathon of more than 42 kms! If all these are completed in less than 17 hours, the participant wins the title of the Ironman.

Please welcome Kaustubh  Radkar, 25 time Ironman finisher in all the 6 continents! And, that is not only how he has made India proud. He is India’s only International Olympic Committee certified coach.


Qs-How did you get interested in sports?

Ans- I started learning swimming when I was 8. At the age of 10, I started participating in local competitions and started winning medals at the age of 13. It started at the district level, then slowly graduated to the state, national level and the international levels. I won my first international medal at 13 itself. 


Qs-Tell me about winning the Ironman title for the first time.

Ans- When my swimming career ended in the US in 2008, I wanted to maintain the habit of exercising so I started long distance running. When you are involved in sports you are looking for bigger challenges. The only thing left for me was to take up the triathlon and the Ironman was a no brainer for me! I became Ironman for the first time in 2008 and subsequently I have been becoming an Ironman.


 Qs- Many people these days think that fitness is about 6 pack abs and 36-24-36. Do you a message for such people?

Ans- Many people who claim to be fit need to ask themselves, are they really healthy? If you fall prey to such advertisements and diets that claim to make you shed a certain number of kilos in a certain number of days, make you build 6 pack abs, you may achieve all that but you are not going to be healthy inside. So eat healthy, give your body all the nutrition it deserves and you will win any battle!


Qs- People must be approaching you for autographs and selfies. What do you prefer?

Ans- Autographs because they are more personal and they have a deeper meaning. When someone asks me for an autograph, I put an inspirational quote so that when that person looks at that autograph from time to time, he would get inspired.


Qs- Have you ever approached anyone for an autograph or a selfie?

Ans- Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni. Whenever I meet them, I try to get their signature.



Article arranged by Milind Wagle.


This article has been written by Pooja Gupta.

She is a freelance writer, anchor and a former Radio Jockey. She hosts all kinds of shows all over India and writes everything from ads, promos, articles, dialogues, short films, screenplays, feature films and even web series. For work, she can be contacted on pooja.gupta2178@yahoo.com.


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