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Pooja Gupta


Hi everyone. This is Harsh More. I love music so I am pursuing Bachelors in Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston. I have been in India from last year since the Covid era began.

I wanted to do my bit and create some positivity in these times when everyone was so depressed. So I created my new song-

Chahatein Badh Jayein

This song ignites happy and desirous emotions. It shows the importance of telling someone that you love them no matter what.

I have written, composed, sung and appeared in this song. Please have a look.



We all know that when 2 people are in love, everything seems to be happy, life seems to be perfect, but if they hit a rough patch, their love for each other usually suffers.

This should not happen. They should still show each other how much they love the other person. The thought behind the lyrics of this song was pretty much this.   

When I finished composing the song, I thought what best can I do with my song? You must have noticed that whenever you watch the video of any song, you understand and like the song so much better. I discussed the same with my parents. There was a unanimous decision to create a music video for my song.

I want to thank each and everyone who has appreciated Chahatein Badh Jayein. Trust me, your kind words are like a blessing to me.

There are times when all of us friends meet, we sit down to chill and my friends just break into my song. When I look at them, they suddenly realize what they are singing. Many of my friends say


“Dimaag mein atak gaya hai tera gaana”


They also pull my leg and say


“Ab tu humse kya baat karega, tu toh celebrity bann gaya hai. Ab toh tere saath selfie khichwaani padegi!”


I love my friends and our banter.

By the way, talking of selfies and music, I remember a few years back there was a music festival in my school. I was the president of that festival and the Chief Guest was a person whose voice I really admire.

Harsh More with Jubin Nautiyal


Jubin entertained us with his soulful songs. All of us loved his performance.

One day I will entertain everyone like this. I wish that for my music aapki, Chahatein Badh Jayein!


This article has been written by Pooja Gupta. 

She is a freelance writer, anchor and a former Radio Jockey. Currently working on a web series, she has previously written short films, screenplays, dialogues, stories, articles, promos, ads etc. She travels across India for hosting shows. For work, she can be contacted on pooja.gupta2178@yahoo.com


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