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"Autographs preserve memories!" : Daniel Radcliffe




Dr Aarti Kapoor Singh

1. What are your views on autographs?

Daniel Radcliffe: "I think I regard them better than awards sometimes. I genuinely enjoy meeting fans and I know how much those moments mean to people who grew up watching my films. We actors are in a very fickle profession and every work could really be your last. But do you realise the love of a true fan transcends all of that! And an autograph preserves those memories. Autographs are extremely important, not just for an actor's ego, but also as chronicles of the love people have for him."

2. What are your favourite memories of giving autographs?

DR: "I love meeting fans - whether it's virtually or during events and shows etc. And I love interacting with them before I sign pictures. I have so many memories of fans that got in touch with me on email first and a few of them came to a premiere or screening or some event. And then when you sign autographs for fans that you have met previously, it's like you know them for ages - they are already friends. Those autographs I love signing."

3. Have you ever asked for autographs? What about your experiences while asking for autographs?

DR: "I think I asked Cameron Diaz for an autograph and she thought I was kidding! I had pictures of her and Drew Barrymore taped to my bedroom wall."

4. Do you think autographs are better than selfies?

DR: "Oh undoubtedly! I always get a little irritated if fans ask me for photographs during gym sessions. I hate looking sweaty!"

5. Whose autograph would you like to take, given the chance?

DR: "If Spiderman were a person, his! Or of everyone who has played Spiderman! Also The Beatles! All of them!"


Dr Aarti Kapur Singh is an independent writer with close to two decades' experience in various media. After securing a doctorate in film studies, she is now indulging in her passion to discover the world. She writes on food, luxury, films, travel, wellness and celebrities.



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